Renovations & restorations

We specialise in restorations – after all, it’s the area where Director Phil Turner started his building career!

We also love renovations – being able to transform a space into something more usable, more efficient, and most importantly, something you love.

We know the challenges of building an addition to an existing house. No one likes an extension that clearly looks like an add-on. Our expertise and design skills ensure that the new build integrates seamlessly into the existing building.

By understanding your lifestyle preferences and requirements, we can ensure the end product is not only perfectly suited to your needs, but also a harmonious balance with contemporary styling and existing structures.

But it’s not just about the building process ­– we genuinely love our work, and we’ll only be satisfied when your space is something that you love returning to each day.

Take a look at some of our previous projects to see how we effortlessly combine original structures with contemporary design.


The entertainer

Explore a home custom built for a social lifestyle.

View Percy Street

History, meet the Present

Delve into a beautiful blending of architectural design eras.

View James Street

Contemporary and quirky

Discover a home restored for modern living - with a few quirky additions!

View Macfie Street

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