About us

We’re Turner Plus.

Dedicated to constructing builds of excellence across Tasmania’s North West Coast.

We’re known for our exceptional workmanship. Whether working on a new build, renovation, restoration, or commercial project, our team is passionate, enthusiastic and take great pride in their skill, attention to detail, and ability to deliver what our clients want.

We place great value on the relationships we build with our clients and contractors, because we know strong communication leads to trust, respect, and confidence in our ability to deliver a quality end project.

It’s not just client relationships we value, of course. We’re committed to supporting our staff and apprentices with mentorship and development opportunities whenever possible, so they can reach their full potential. We also understand the value of having a great work/life balance, and aim to maintain a healthy work culture of flexibility, openness and understanding.

In addition to our focus on relationships and craftsmanship, we’re also dedicated to growing our skills and knowledge. We’re always looking out for the latest industry developments, and embrace new challenges and innovation. Our team welcome the opportunity to improve ourselves and our service delivery.

Turner Plus is a company guided by strong values and strengthened by a skilled and passionate team. Our focus on relationships, dedication to our work, and openness to innovation combine to create the real ‘plus’ in Turner Plus.

... After that first meeting with Phil, I was convinced.
Philip Spencer

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